Successful Graduate Podcast 01

Successful Graduate podcast

What does all the noise about graduate employability actually mean?

In this, our first Successful Graduate podcast episode, Anton Crace interviews the Founder and Managing Director of Successful Graduate, Gordon Scott.

Why can graduating be confusing for University and College students? In this episode we explore what it takes for students and graduates to stand out from the crowd.

Employers and recruiters are looking for more than your qualification. They need to know you will be the right fit for their organisation.

Find out what you can do to beat the competition. Learn more about who you are, how you can sell yourself, and what other types of skills you probably already have that you need to point out in your job applications.

If you have not yet joined the Successful Graduate community, get your career started today. Many of our podcasts will contain interviews with industry professionals who offer valuable job-seeking information and will only be available to members.

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